Praise for the Lisagor Award-winning documentary short from The Area:

    "It's a stunning film, capturing the atmosphere that keeps remaining residents in the neighborhood despite the population decline around them."

    "For the past few years, Chicago photographer David Schalliol has been telling us--showing us--that Chicago's West and South Sides are disappearing. Building by building; block by block.

    As a native South Sider, I see Schalliol's haunting photos of clipped rowhouses, single-family homes standing alone against wide vacant lots and I am reminded of Johnny Ola's great and wistful line in Godfather II: "One by one, our old friends are gone. Death--natural or not..."

    ...[C]heck out The Area, the fascinating mini-documentary that appeared on Gapers Block The Grid series this week. Here, Schalliol and his team tell the story of an entire quadrant of Englewood ... that's being wiped away...

    It's not building by building, here. It's the disappearance of an entire neighborhood. Natural or not."

    The Area "displays the emotions prevailing at a time when the expansion project suddenly seemed like a concrete reality: dissent, dismay, resignation, and gallows-humor exuberance."